At The Oxfield school of Education


  • We believe the most important thing is satisfaction. At other schools, the desire to fill classrooms and secure fees leads to students left feeling mistreated.


  • Our focus is on the quality of your experience here, with exercises done not to pass time, but to help you achieve your goal of being able to express yourself freely in English, and broaden your horizons. Our system of teaching combines useful speaking and grammar exercises. This combination is the best way for you to learn.


  • Our classroom environment allows students to ask questions freely and clear any doubts they have. This is why we have only the most experienced teachers and staff on hand to assist you. Whether in the classroom or in the corridor, all you have to do is ask and we will do our very best to help you in any way possible.



Teachers and Staff


  • Anyone can repeat a question and give you the first part of the answer, but only the best teachers can use the inner workings of English Language tuition to ensure you are satisfied at the end of the lesson, and we have them here!


  • We employ only the most experienced or best qualified teachers, so that no matter which class you are in, when you study, or what level of English you have, you will always have a good lesson.


  • Our Management Team is made of individuals with years of experience, at all levels, in the English Language industry, and our office staff are also experienced career professionals, with the benefit of having studied English in the past. They understand what you need, so relax, you are in good hands.